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Limitations of the Power BI lineage view or impact analysis

I recently saw that the lineage view / impact analysis in the Power BI Service shows this when a shared dataset is selected.

Both views, the one by item (left) and the one by workspace (right) list a number of reports.

At the bottom is the really interesting thing though, it says there are more items (or more workspaces for the screenshot on the right) with limited access.

I am a tenant admin in my org but I still don't see everything due to "privacy reasons", Microsoft argues (see screenshot below).

Now that might be the way Power BI works (access by workspace, even for tenant admins there is no superaccess by default etc.) or they actually see problems if I could see everything.

But I just do not get a complete lineage view of the whole tenant here.

And I would argue that this is a major limitation, because I need to do my own coding, running some scripts or using a third-party software to get a full picture here.

I only became aware of this whole issue at a user group presentation, where I was showing our external tool "Measure Killer". In MKs admin mode, we run Scanner/Admin API calls to find all reports connected to a dataset in the whole tenant.

Then I compared this to the Power BI impact analysis and we saw what the problem was.

What are your thoughts on this?

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