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What if analysis

part of external tool for Power BI "Measure Killer"

This part of Measure Killer gives you unique insights into what is used in the:

-Semantic model




What can this be used for?

The full view show you all dependencies from model and report down to every columns used on a visual. Try it out for your report and let us know if you find it helpful.

If you have one or multiple reports connected to your model the report part will show you how much of that model is consumed by that report and how much is only consumed by it (meaning if you remove that report, you will save x % of your model.

In the example above you can see that I could save 34% of my model if I removed the report pages. 

Additionally, the Measure Killer What If Analysis also works on pages, visuals and measures.

We can see in the page section above that by removing one page of my report, I could free up 13.5% of my whole data model.

The idea behind this is to let you know before removing something what the effect will be and how much you can reduce the size of your model.

For measures, we approximate a "size" (we know they do not have an actual size) which is the size of all columns this measure consumes.

The full hierarchy will show something like this:




The top level is the model itself - in this example "Measure Killer Conditional Testing"

Potential savings means if you remove this specific item, you can save x %

Size is the total size (of all columns) that something consumes.

We can see that the first page of all our 15 pages shows 13.52% in the potential savings column.

This means, if we deleted this page we could save this from the size of our model.

The number is calculated by all the columns that are only used on this page.

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