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Changing data types that do not break query-folding in Power Query / Power BI

According to Microsoft's documentation, changing a column data type will break query folding.

Not all changes in data types will break query folding

This does not have to be the case though. It depends on your data source.

I tested the following Power Query data types:

text, decimal, whole number, date and datetime.

These transformations were possible and would not break query-folding:

Decimal -> text

Whole number -> decimal

Whole number -> text

Date -> datetime

Date -> datetimezone

Date -> decimal

Date -> text

Datetime -> date

Datetime -> datetimezone

Datetime -> decimal

Datetime -> text

Text -> all transformations would break query-folding

My database was running on SQL Server 2016, other versions might behave differently.

If you have had any experience with this feel free to comment!

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