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Exporting data from Power BI Desktop without limits

We all know the export limits of Power BI and sometime they might be a problem. Generally we do not recommend exporting data from Power BI to Excel. If you really need to do it however, this blog post will help you get around the internal export limits.

According to the official documentation:

The maximum number of rows that Power BI can export to a .csv file is 30,000 - to an .xlsx file 150,000.

Using DAX Studio we can get around these limits.

1) Open DAX Studio

2) Connect to your model

3) Copy this code into the main window

// My Query
EVALUATE( myTable )

4) Go to Output -> Static (Excel) for .xlsx and File (Standard) for .csv

5) Click on Run or press F5

The .xlsx file (1M rows) ended up having 45MB (remember, xlsx files are compressed)

It took about 30 seconds and my data was cut off since I had more than 1M rows in my fact table.

The .csv export with all ~15M rows had 1.3GB (uncompressed file) and took 3.5 minutes

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